Race Roster | Bismarck Marathon

The Bismarck Marathon has partnered with Race Roster as the official registration platform of the race. This partnership prioritizes the runner’s registration experience with seamless processes for transferring races, collecting race swag, looking at race photos, checking race times, and so much more.

What’s new with Race Roster?

Creating an account

Race Roster requires participants to create an account to register for an event. Accounts are free to create and serve as the database for all the important race information you’ll need for race day. PLUS, you’ll only have to create an account once — your information will be saved for next year.

Creating a Race Roster account when registering for an event helps The Bismarck Marathon team better support you. A Race Roster account gives you the following benefits:

  • Access to your transaction history and your confirmation receipts
  • An account hub to stay connected with each event that you’re signed up for on Race Roster
  • Share your fundraising page
  • Search for other endurance events
  • View notifications sent by The Bismarck Marathon
  • Review your registration information (i.e. name, email, shirt size, etc.)
  • Transfer your registration to another sub event or another participant
  • View and communicate with team members when you’re team leader

Race photos

All race photos will be uploaded to Race Roster following The Bismarck Marathon. Race Roster offers a search tool that allows you to narrow down and view only the photos that matter most to you. You can even curate your own mini gallery using search results, then copy the page URL to share the exact same search results with your family and friends!

Race results

Race results are uploaded directly to Race Roster and are shareable straight from the page, allowing you to show off your finish time to all your friends on social media.

Transferring race registrations

Did something come up on race day? Did marathon training not go as planned? With Race Roster, there is no reason to worry if things change. Transferring race registrations between races and runners is easier than ever through the platform. Simply visit the transfer page located on the left side of the registration page and complete your transfer. Easy as that!

For more information on transferring with Race Roster, click here.

So much more…

Race Roster is one of the premier runner registration platforms in the world. There are so many unique and helpful features on Race Roster to make your race experience top-tier. Have Race Roster questions? Let us know at [email protected] and we’ll help you solve it.